Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Bennett Property

This is an attempt to keep a log of our progress as we set out to build our dream house in the country. A few years ago now, (September of 2003), we bought this piece of property with the idea of building a house on it one day. At first, it seemed like we'd be able to do it fairly quickly - we did some research on modular and manufactured homes and that seemed like the way to go. Sadly, things changed in our lives at the time, and Hubby's job was not as stable as it had been. We just didn't feel like we could take the risk, so we put that dream on hold for a while.

That turned out to be a stroke of luck for us.....

Hubby had been talking to some people about the idea of wooden basements, and while researching that, he stumbled onto the idea of Cordwood Construction. It took all of about three photos for me to be completely on board with the idea.

It will still be a couple of years before we can start building, but we're taking the first steps and thought it was time to start keeping a record.

This is the Bennett Property

That camper there is our FAN Coach Luxury Liner that we bought dirt cheap so we'd have a place to sleep while out there daydreaming, and someday building.


  1. Hello Sassy
    My name is Kim and i Live in Maine and also planning to build a cordwood home. Have you started yours yet? I am impatiently waiting for the book and dvd by Rob Roy i ordered to arrive this week. I wish you good luck and success in your venture. Kim (

  2. My dream was, and still is, to build a cordwood house. I went to Rob and Jaki Roy's Earthwood back in, maybe '88(?). Every couple of years, I bring out my book and do some online research. I'm getting ready to retire soon, and I have every intention of completing this dream. Still don't have land to put it on, but I know a LOT more about zero energy today than I did when I went to West Chazy.
    I wish you the best of luck with your house, and please, PLEASE post pictures as you go!