Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July has not been an eventful month

July has NOT been nearly as eventful as we'd hoped.....

Our foundation guy has been taking FOREVER and is about on our last nerve.  We are SO FAR behind, and it's primarily because of him and all the days he's NOT there working, or only works part of the day...or so many reasons that he has.

He finally got his dirt work done and got started on the foam in early July.

In the meantime, Mom helped us with spraying all the logs with Bora-Care.  We opted to go with that instead of making our own Borax solution for a couple of reasons.  Without any water on the property, making the solution and keeping it hot was going to be a problem, and we were just really concerned about the quality of the solution we'd be able to produce. The Bora-Care is much more stable, and was recommended to us by the guy who sold us our timbers and corner posts.  Plus, you can get it with a Mold Killer additive, and we thought that would be a good idea given some of the issues we had in the fall.

We got a little over half of what we'd cleaned sprayed (eight full ranks), before we ran out of solution, so we'll need to get more and do the rest. We're also considering some kind of additional Borax dip or something as we do the final log prep before each session of cordwooding, since this got the ends mostly and not so much of the middle. But we're less worried about that since we're using spray foam insulation rather than sawdust.

At the end of the day, the three of us sat down to have a drink and cool off, and I was surprised to see the rest of my family arriving to throw a birthday party for me.  :)  My mom gets Poker Face of the Year....they were out on the road honking their horns as they pulled into the driveway (four cars worth), and she's sitting there sipping her wine and says absently, "Hmmm...someone must have gotten married..."

It was a wonderful time, and a very very welcome surprise.  It's nice to have some time like that when everything else is not going exactly to plan.

They asked Mom to spike the cake.....


My hubby got me a Dewalt chainsaw for my birthday, and my own present to myself was a little bistro set for sitting in the orchard on a nice day and admiring the beautiful property.

I have since added an umbrella for a little shade and it's just a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Here's another one for the positive column - they came to dig the well in early July!!

No running water yet, just the well, but that's HUGE, and they didn't have to go extremely deep, so they kept within their original quote.  We were a little worried about that - and about the quality of the water, but it seems to be nice and clear, and tastes pretty good.  When we lived out in the country before, our water was orange and smelled and tasted like rotten eggs.

Two weeks later...and they were finally getting the foundation prep to the point where we could come in and lay the tubing for the in-floor heat.  Our narfed off corners stumped them a little bit, and Scott had to help with the construction of the form for those.

I will leave you now with a long view of the house and the property, and remember that things ARE moving along.

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