Thursday, August 15, 2019


OMG - I never thought I'd be so damned excited about CEMENT!!!

(Like those conversations you have with your friends now, about who ever thought we'd be so excited about a new washing machine, or really cute DOOR HANDLES!!!)

But I AM - I am so exited about cement, I could pee my pants.  Mostly because I thought I'd be making this post TWO MONTHS AGO!! (1/3 my own lack of knowledge, 2/3 foundation guy)

I mean AUGUST!!!  8/2/19 - the second half of the slab was poured.


It's so beautiful!!!  And it means WE CAN MOVE FORWARD!  In a week....

We got to watch the second half being poured which was a lot of fun.  It's amazing to watch them work when they get going.  It's an impressive process, it really is.

At the end, we got to add the first little bit of flair to the house.

What he's putting in there is this:

The story here is this - a few years ago I was having a conversation with Scott and Rusty (savior of the Wirsbo and a VERY long running and dedicated outdoorsman)(this will be important later), in which we were discussing the orientation of the house we planned to build someday. I said that I wanted to make sure that it was oriented in such a way that in the evenings when we are relaxing on the deck, I didn't want to have the sun blinding me - which has happened in many of our other places.  They both puffed right up and said very authoritatively that "You want it THIS way, then." Which didn't seem right to me...we'd already owned the property several years at that point, I've seen sunsets before.  "Are you guys sure? I, mean, I've always thought..."

"NO!  This is it, we KNOW, you want it this way. Trust Us." And they were in total back-slapping agreement.

Later, when we were sitting around in the evening, oriented THIS WAY, I shaded my eyes from the blinding sun, and said, "Please explain to me again which way the house should face."

Rusty opened his mouth to explain....and froze. Speechless.  Scott jumped to his defense...and froze. Speechless.

They had been ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED of which direction was north, etc....and had been for years...and were DEAD WRONG.

And to be fair, they're not the only ones...there's something about the angle of the road and the shape of the land that gets people turned around. (Not me...but, you know...others)

So we decided to clear it up once and for all. There will always be a clear guide now.

ALSO??  WE HAVE RUNNING WATER!! A hydrant as been added to the well, and we can now use the water, which is amazing!  We took a hose shower! (We are getting a camping shower that will warm the water!)

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